Selected Publications

On Correct Color: Films of Margaret Hondainfermental-book-1

Ute Aurand Tate Film

Book Chapters & Catalogue Essays

Platform, Showcase, Gathering, Exchange: A Conversation about Film Festivals with Erika Balsom, George Clark, Chris Kennedy, Eduardo Thomas, and Koyo Yamashita, In: A Companion To Experimental Cinema, Ed. Frederico Windhausen, Wiley-Blackwell, 2022

Double Lives: A Conversation between Grace Ndiritu and George Clark, In: Old Land New Waters, Ed. Edward Ball, Freelands Foundation, London, 2021

True Journey is Return: On Detours and Returning in Ute Aurand’s films, In: Meditations on the Present:  Ute Aurand, Helga Fanderl, Jeannette Muñoz and Renate Sami, Ed. Garbiñe Ortega, María Palacios, Punto, Punto de Vista, Spain 2020

Ian White: Conversation between Ian White and George Clark, In: Artists’ Moving Image in Britain Since 1989, Ed. Erika Balsom, Lucy Reynolds, Sarah Perks, Paul Mellon Centre BA, 2019

Under The Earth, In: IM Heung-soon: Toward a Poetics of Opacity and Hauntology, Ed. Lee Jungmin, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), 국립현대미술관, Seoul, South Korea 2018

There is no motion in a motion picture in Gavin Hipkins: The Domain edited by Courtney Johnston, Victoria University Press, New Zealand 2017

A Peculiar Apparatus: Spectres of The Penal Colony, In: ARKIPEL Penal Colony – 5th Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Ed. Manshur Zikri, Forum Lentang, Indonesia 2017

Contact with the Polish Avant-garde Guaranteed: Modes of Exchange in the Workshop of the Film Form
in Warsztat Formy Filmowej/Workshop of Film Form, Ed. Marika Kuźmicz & Łukasz Ronduda, published by Fundacja Arton, Poland, 2017

Moving Towards The Sun, with Louise Menzies, House Studies II, Ed. Sophie Bannan, Jonathan Smart Gallery, New Zealand, Nov 2016

On Correct Colour: Notes on Margaret Honda’s Films, Made In L.A 2016: a, the, through, only, Ed. Aram Moshayedi & Hamza Walker, Hammer Museum / UCLA, USA, June 2016

To Pour Milk Into a Glass: Film, Video and Conceptual Art in Britain 1964–1979 in Conceptual Art in Britain 1964–1979, Ed. Andrew Wilson, Tate Publishing, UK, March 2016

Dispatches from the Archives in Taiwan and Hong Kong, in Raiding the Archives: The 6th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, Ed. May Adadol Ingawanij, Aan Publishing, Bangkok, Thailand. 2013, ISBN 9786167158303

The Future’s Getting Old Like The Rest of Us
with Beatrice Gibson extract of working script, The Happy Hypocrite What Am I?, Ed. Maria Fusco, issue 5, Bookworks, UK, 2010

In Defence of Reading Books By Their Covers, illustrated essay oSurface, YH485 Press, UK, March 2010

To The Distant Observer: On The Films of Barbara Sternberg in Aurora 2008: The Infinite Measure, Ed. Adam Pugh, UK, 2008


The Image and Its Image
Ed. George Clark, booklet, 50pp
Nordland kunst- of filmfagskole, Norway, 2019

Tate Film booklets, 2013-2016
Edited programme booklets with essays, artists interviews and programme notes:
Throwing Shadows: Japanese Expanded Cinema in the Time of Pop (Jan 2016); Chick Strand: Soft Fictions (Nov 2015); Embeddedness: Artist Films and Videos from Korea 1960s to Now (Sept 2015); Parviz Kimiavi (June 2015); L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema (April 2015); Albert Serra: Divine Visionaries and Holy Fools (March 2015); Vlado Kristl: Death to the Audience (November 2014); Moumen Smihi: Poet of Tangier (May 2014); Magiciens de la terre: Reconsidered (April 2014); To be Here: The Films of Ute Aurand (Feb 2014); Mike Kuchar: Film Follies and Digital Daydreams (Nov 2013); Warren Sonbert (Oct 2013); Image Games: Ericka Beckman (Sept 2013)

A Detour Around Infermental
Exhibition Catalogue
Edited by George Clark, Dan Kidner & James Richards, Focal Point Gallery, 136pp, UK 2012

The Unstable States Of…
Artists booklet with contributions from Ben Callaway, Duncan Campbell, Kieron Dennis, Dalia Neis & Laure Prouvost. Limited edition zine designed by Dirty Drawers.
Ed. George Clark, Videoclub & Lighthouse, Brighton, UK, 2007

The Cinema of Miklós Jancsó
Retrospective Catalogue
Eds. George Clark & Travis Miles, Hungarian Cultural Centre/Riverside Studios, UK, 2003


Catherine Yass in conversation with George Clark (video)
CREAM, University of Westminster, November 2021

Artists at Work: Nicholas Mangan
Afterall, August 2017

Yorgos Lanthimos interview at Tate Modern (video)
‘Kinetta: A Film by Yorgos Lanthimos’, Second Run DVD, January 2015

Art & Film Debate: George Clark with Chris Dercon, Tine Fisher, Jean-Pierre Rehm
Mousse Magazine no.42, February 2014

AV Festival 12: Lav Diaz Interview (video)
AV Festival 2012, with Christo Wallers

Raya Martin Interview
AP Engine, April 2010

The Otolith Group Interview
AP Engine, February 2010

I’m Not a Story Teller: Interview with Michael Snow
Sight & Sound, January 2009

We do everything for this art but this art isn’t everything: Notes on Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub
with Redmond Entwistle, Vertigo Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 6, Summer 2007

On the Charismatic Worlds of Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Vertigo Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 4, Winter 2007

Raul Ruiz: Hypnosis and Enigma
Vertigo Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 7, Autumn/Winter 2004

Critical Writing / Correspondences

Casual Encounters: The Untroubled Mind and Nervous Translation
The Machine That Kills Bad People / ICA, London, April 2022

Letter to Annie Jael Kwan, Yarli Allison and Youngsook Choi / Letter to Margaret Honda
Noguchi: Resonances, December Dispatches, Barbican Art Gallery, Oct-Dec 2021

L.A. Rebellion

Tate Etc. issue 33: Spring 2015

The luminous view: Recent Artists’s Film and Video in Britain 2008-13
Tate Etc. issue 30: Spring 2014

A view from the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, 2012

LUX, May 2012

Cinenova: Reproductive Labour

Afterall, June 2011

Dispatch from Taiwan
LUX Journal, 9 March 2011

Dispatch from Hong Kong

LUX Journal, 9 March 2011

Made in the USA: Reflections on tradition and history at 14th Views From The Avant Garde,

AP Engine, December 2010

A Form That Accommodates The Mess: Duncan Campbell and the Mediated Archive
AP Engine, September 2009

Approaching Unreal Asia: Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2009

Afterall, July 2009

The way out is via the door: Luke Fowler

Mousse Magazine 18, May/April 2009

Tony Conrad: On the Threshold

Afterall, October 2008

Differentiated Cinema
Art Monthly, July/August 2007

Return of the Real: Introducing The Artists Cinema
Vertigo Magazine, Volue 3, Issue 4, Winter 2007

Cinema and Beyond: The 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Senses of Cinema, October/December 2007

The Return of Robert Nelson
Vertigo Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 3,  Autumn 2006

Here and Elsewhere
Vertigo Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 3,  Autumn 2006

Again For Tomorrow at the Royal College of Art

Vertigo Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2006

The Filmmaker that Rises to the Surface of Clarified Butter
By George Clark and Mark A. Webber
Vertigo Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 8, Spring-Summer 2005

Seeking The Other
Vertigo Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 9, Autumn 2005

Land of Hope and Glory – In the Realms of the Unreal: The World of Owen Land

Tank Magazine, February 2005

Arnold, Brehm, Deutsch and Tscherkassky: 4 Contemporary Austrian Avant Garde Filmmakers
Senses of Cinema, September/October 2003

An Overview of Shoot Shoot Shoot – The first decade of the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative and British Avant-Garde Film 1966-1976