Wysing Residency 2020

Wysing Residency 2020
March-December 2020

Really please to be participate in Wysing 2020 residency programme thematically linked around the theme of Broadcast. Will be developing a new project with Ismal Muntaha and Bunga Saigian as continuation of our West Java West Yorkshire Cooperative Movement project.

During 2020, we will be supporting over 40 artists-in-residence whose work will put broadcasting at the centre of our artistic programme to connect with remote and physically distant audiences in a way that privileges listening as much as the transmission of ideas and which builds and sustains radical online communities.
– Wysing Art Centre

West Java West Yorkshire Cooperative Movement (WJWY): George Clark, Ismal Muntaha and Bunga Saigian 
WJWY was initiated in 2018 by George Clark, Ismal Muntaha, Bunga Saigian and Will Rose, as a platform for exchange and collaboration between communities in West Java, Indonesia, focused around the Jatiwangi art Factory and around Pavilion in West Yorkshire. For this project, two artists from the collaboration, George Clark and Ismal Muntaha, will co-ordinate and facilitate a series of transmissions from across each region, drawing together artists and communities connected with the project.