TPD Workshop – Neither For Nor Against in January 2020

Neither For Nor Against
Moving Image Ecologies: Cinema, Archive and Factory
TPD Hanoi, 9 January 2020 and 9 September 2020

This was first of a series of talks I gave as part of the Film Curating programme 2019-2020 ran by the TPD Centre for the Development of Movie Talent (TPD) devised with curators Trần Duy Hưng and Truong Que Chi.

The three-part talk reflects on the connections between conceptions of cinema as place of exhibition as well as creation and site of invention. It looks at origins of film archive and models of curatorial practice for film, from origins of cinema to contemporary time. Finally, it reflects on how artists navigate between these fields drawing on discourses of cinema, visual arts and archive to find new possibilities for means of working with with legacy of film industry, from essay film to installation.

The workshops were organised in parallel with curatorial visits to the Vietnam Film Institute and to support development of new curatorial projects presented in the festival NHƯ TRĂNG TRONG ĐÊM

Như trăng trong đêm, Hanoi 20 June 2020
Như trăng trong đêm, Hanoi 20 June 2020