Sea of Clouds at 31st Image Forum Festival, Japan

31st Image Forum Festival 2017
29 April – 7 May 2017

Sea of Clouds will have it’s Japanese premiere as part of the 31st Image Forum Festival. A new version of the film with Japanese subtitles will be produced for the screenings adding another layer of language to the film. The film screens in the following programme.

対話の可能性 / Possibility of Dialogue
Theatre Image Forum, Shibuya, Tokyo
21:15, 4 May 2017
13:45 7 May 2017

The the programme will tour Japan showing in the following cities:
Kyoto, 14 May 11:00
Yokohama, 18 June 18:30
Nagoya, 25 June 14:50

The Forssa syndrome
(Pasi “Sleeping” Myllymäki, 2 min, 1982, Finland)

Das Gestell
(Philip Widmann, 30 min, 2017, Germany / Japan)

雲海 / Sea of Clouds
(George Clark, 16min, UK/Taiwan)

See a Dog, Hear a Dog
(Jesse McLean 18min, 2016, USA)