Sea of Clouds featured in exhibition A Hidden Whisper at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

A Hidden Whisper/隱曖喃喃
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
Exhibition date: 2021.11.26~2022.02.06
My film Sea of Clouds/雲海 (2016) is featuring in the exhibition ‘A Hidden Whisper/隱曖喃喃’ at the at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition brings together moving image works by eleven past residency artists at the museum. Chinese subtitled version of Sea of Clouds is available to view online.

Participate Artists
Marta Roberti (Italy)
Wojciech Gilewicz (Poland)
George Clark (United Kingdom)
于吉 / Yu Ji (China)
鄧國騫 / Tang Kwok-Hin (Hong Kong)
Jeamin Cha (Korea)
Soh Boram (Korea)
Mitsunori Sakano (Japan)
Soichiro Mihara (Japan)
KBT (Australia)
Drew Pettifer (Australia)