Jatiwangi The Scent of Jati Trees – Indonesian premiere – Dec 2018

Jatiwangi / The Scent of Jati Trees
Village Video Festival 10: West Java West Yorkshire Cooperative Movement
Jatiwangi Art Factory, December 2018

Special screenings of Jatiwangi / The Scent of Jati Trees in the newly built Jatiwangi Sinemathek. Held as part of the 10th Village Video Festival 10 as part of series of projects to inaugurated the West Java West Yorkshire Cooperative Movement.

We held two screenings one in Sinemathek space with refreshments kindly supplied by the Wates community and then a following screening in the JaF kitchen specially organised for.

The screenings mark completion of first cycle of project with Jatiwangi art Factory and launching of new expanded collaborative project the West Java West Yorkshire Cooperative Movement.  Jatiwangi / The Scent of Jati Trees was produced during a film viewing / film making workshop run during July-September 2017 in which we launched the idea of the Jatiwangi Sinemathek as forum for projection and reflection on the way images are produced both through making but also through viewing taking into account where, how and with whom we watch images. Parallel to the shoot we created a series of improvised cinemas were constructed for site specific screenings as the Jatiwangi Sinemathek.

Sinemathek premiere


JaF Kitchen  premiere

Kitchen premiere_02

Kitchen premiere_01