Sites & Rites, Dublin, October 2019

George Clark: Sites & Rites
30 October 2019, Irish Film Institute
Presented by AEMI

Sites & Rites is a new configuration of artist George Clark’s ongoing Eyemo rolls project, a series that interleaves his 35mm film footage with works by other artists. Developed as a means to think about the cinema as a space of montage and a site of cultural entanglement, this programme considers contested territories and ritual actions. Filmmaker and activist Mok Chui-Yu explores the origins of the struggle of Hong Kong’s intellectual youth while Barbara McCullough’s water ritual shows reclaimed space in Los Angeles. Other works include Tito & Tita’s feline screen-test Director’s Cat, Maori artist Shannon Te Ao’s reading of poetry to house-plants, and Ismal Muntaha’s arresting depiction of Indonesian community rituals in Terra Na Sae.

Thanks Alice Butler & Daniel Fitzpatrick, AEMI, Irish Film Institute and all participating artists

Eyemo #1-3 (Sylmar), George Clark, 3 minutes, U.S.A., 35mm, silent
Water Ritual #1: An Urban Rite of Purification, Barbara McCullough, 6 minutes, U.S.A., DCP, sound
Eyemo #57-60 (Los Angeles), George Clark, 5 minutes, U.S.A., 35mm, silent
Untitled (Epilogue), Shannon Te Ao, 5 minutes, New Zealand, DCP, sound
Eyemo #120-121, #124 (NZ – Lyell cemetery), George Clark, 3 minutes, New Zealand, 35mm, silent
Letter to the Young Intellectuals of Hong Kong, Mok Chiu Yu, 15 minutes, Hong Kong, DCP, sound
Eyemo #16-17 & #74-75 (Hong Kong), George Clark, 3 minutes, Hong Kong, 35mm, silent
Director’s Cat, Tito & Tita, 3 minutes, Philippines, DCP, sound
Eyemo #81-84 (Philippines – Taal Lake), George Clark, 5 minutes, Philippines, 35mm, silent
Terra Na Sae, Ismal Muntaha, 11 minutes, Indonesia, DCP, sound
Eyemo #140-157, #165, #168-69 / The Scent of Jati Trees, George Clark, 25 minutes, Indonesia, 35mm, sound