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Untitled (Eyemo roll #120), George Clark, 2016

Like a boat floating in the moonlight
2018 Taiwan Biennial
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung, Taiwan
18:30-20:30, Saturday 6 October 2018

To accompany exhibition Double Ghosts as part of the 2018 Taiwan Biennial I will present an outdoor screening of my Eyemo Rolls project.

Like a boat floating in the moonlight is a site specific presentation of the 35mm film project Untitled (Eyemo Rolls) 2011-2018 specially conceived for the 2018 Taiwan Biennial. With the East China Sea to the north, the Philippine Sea to the east, the Luzon Strait to the south and the South China Sea to the southwest, Taiwan is situated at complex geographical and cultural intersection. Drawing on the vernacular mode of sited film exhibition practiced by temple projectionists in Taiwan, this screening seeks to open up new ways to consider cultural and geographical slippages, between presence and absence, considering both the material parameters of 35mm film projection and metaphysical questions on the nature of appearances and ways in which complex geographies and histories can be mapped.

Begun in 2011 and consisting of over 200 individual film rolls, Untitled (Eyemo Rolls) was developed as a means to respond to the work of other artists, think about cultural entanglement and the cinema as a locality situated between places. This special presentation assembled for the Taiwan Biennale, considers Taiwan as a Pacific island drawing on works from Aotearoa New Zealand, Chile, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and USA interspersed with 35mm rolls shot by George Clark in these various countries. Each work is drawn from a particular geography but also blurs the line between them.

Thanks to participating artists; Chang Chao-tang, Richard Yao-chi Chen, Mok Chui-yu & Li Ching, Shannon Te Ao, Chen Chieh-jen, Raúl Ruiz and CADA/Colectivo Acciones de Arte.